Changing Your Perspective

How can I get more interested in helping refugees?  How can I change my perspective?  What if I don’t have much experience interacting with people from different countries? What can I do if I am scared to work with refugees?

  • Learn about the worldwide refugee crisis to understand why so many people are fleeing their homes and why we need to help.  Use this link to learn more:
  • Learn about refugee issues and correct misinformation when you hear it or read it. Try this link from this website
  • Understand how refugees enter your country.
  • Choose books written by or about refugees for book groups or read them yourself.
  • Learn to cook food from different cultures.
  • Visit mosques and churches of other faiths and denominations.
  • Meet people from different ethnic groups.
  • Shop at ethnic grocery stores.
  • Do your laundry at the laundromat and talk to people there
  • Walk and take public transportation instead of driving
  • Shop at businesses run by immigrants
  • Follow service groups on social media. 
  • Reach out to people on the edges.
  • Highlight strengths in other cultures.
  • Make service a priority.

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